Digital light control

IlluminAct not only enables simple sound-to-light chases to be realized, but entire light shows can be individually programmed in advance for individual audio tracks. IlluminAct is a comprehensive package for DJs and bands. Lighting control for individual audio tracks can be programmed or entire shows can also be put together. Since song lyrics can also be synchronized with the music, IlluminAct is ideal for karaoke applications, as well as for use as a digital lyrics book, where you never have to turn the pages again. Light controllers with up to 8 channels, which are connected to the PC via a parallel port, can be controlled without the need to install additional drivers. IlluminAct is stable and tried and tested.
IlluminAct Software

Besides the functions of showing lyrics and moderations, in version 3.0 the IlluminAct Player also has the possibility to fade or blend songs with effects. This is for example useful when used in game shows to instantly jump from one track via an effect sound to another track.


A PC drum specially designed for IlluminAct brings additional rhythm into play. This is connected via USB and offers four drum pads, the sounds of which can be conveniently set in IlluminAct.