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Martin Moeller


About me

My name is Martin Moeller. I am an entrepreneur and graduated computer scientist. Thanks to my instructor certificate of the IHK I am qualified to train IT specialists and have already enjoyed an education as a specialist in application development at the Hansa Luftbild Group in Germany, where I worked in the field of geoinformatics. While I studied Computer Science at the Muenster University of Applied Sciences, I worked as a freelancer in programming and graphics and founded my first IT startup. Since 2010 I am involved in founding various companies.

"The first software with which I eaned money, I wrote as a schoolboy for a car dealership."
In the kindergarten, I always wanted to become an inventor. To create new and useful things many people can enjoy, early was my passion. When I got my first computer I finally taught myself programming and initially wrote several games in QBasic and Pascal. In 1995 I programmed the maybe first bus simulator in the world and never suspected, that years later this idea would be taken up by several game studios.

Some first selfmade computer programs and games
Some first selfmade games and applications

Hungry for further abilities I looked around for other programming languages and bought C ++, Assembler and Pascal for Windows in a department store. After a few exotics like Profan became a fan of Delphi and developed many applications with that powerful Pascal successor. I liked the Rapid Application Development concept - in less than no time complex applications could be implemented and attractive GUIs could be designed. Mostly these were useful applications and helpers for my own use to organize files better, to make access my appointments easier, to store hidden data in music, to layout circuit boards or even to control electronic drums. The first software with which I eaned money, I wrote as a schoolboy for a car dealership.

During my education, together with a good friend I developed an online dating portal and taught myself web development with this project. I liked PHP right away - it was incredibly easy and in combination with MySQL powerful enough to cover most requirements. Over time, I finished a lot software and web projects for more and more customers - from the small gastronomy around the corner to big companies like the german Axa insurance group or security software for an airport.

To my displeasure Java and later the .NET platform inaugurated the end of native software. Since Delphi was on the wane and I really liked C#, I started to develop more and more applications in Microsoft's modern programming language. Although the platform was not as extensively equipped as Delphi, the language was elegant and in C# many tasks could be solved in a very charming way. Today I primarily develop in C#, but JavaScript is playing an increasingly major role, since the ES6 standard (ECMAScript 2015) was published.

Products like the Beauty Cola, several Monopoly board games, magnetic toys, electronics or print media are designed or developed by Loomeric CEO Martin Moeller.

"Ideas are assets."
Software is my profession and my hobby. Regularly, new technologies evolve - just as new space for new products. Also aside the software development I love to develop new products and let inventions become reality. So I am creative on countless areas and layout books, design world-famous board games, create toys, produce commercials or create completely new things. Such as the Beauty Cola - probably the first cola in the world with an anti-cellulite formula. My maxim is: „Ideas are assets.”

I also like to participate in existing product ideas.


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