About us

We are experienced founders and studied computer science. For years we have formed a well-rehearsed team.

Philosophy – Our values


We don't copy - but open up new paths. Creativity and visionary thinking is the power, that drives us.

Highest aims

In our experience, almost anything is possible and achievable, since most limits we set ourselves. Keep in mind, that people stumble over molehills – not over mountains.


Foresight secures success and constancy in a fast moving world. At the same time it challenges us in many aspects even more, than any other value does.


Martin Möller B.Sc.

Martin Möller B.Sc.

Entrepreneur with a focus on the IT industry and a penchant for product development in any form.
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Saskia Schaffhausen

Saskia Schaffhausen B.Sc.

Academic computer scientist and business economist.

Julian Geils

Julian Geils B.Sc.

Computer scientist and specialist in the fields of IT security and web technologies.

Bring your own Office – Comprising

We are decentralized

Bring your own Office

Most of the day offices stay empty, as we do not work in multiple shifts. As it arranges with made appointments, our employees can work from anywhere – if they like, from a nice beach, too. This saves us offices and our staff this saves time and costs for arrival and departure. Thanks to the latest audio/video transmission technologies, it is easy to hold meetings or have work sessions over the distance. We develop for the cloud and we work in the cloud. Decentralized. In this way for employees every home office day is a casual friday.